Fifth Dimensional Cities - Architensions

Fifth Dimensional Cities: Architensions’ First Solo Exhibition

Fifth Dimensional Cities is Architensions’ first solo exhibition of its current and theoretical work. The title is taken from the introduction of their first book “Forma Urbana” recently published in Europe by Libria and presented in the US in occasion of this exhibition. The studio presents five architectural models and…
Architensions - Design Our Ryde - Rising Ryde - Evening View

Architensions Releases Stage 2 Design for Civic Centre in Ryde Australia

For Immediate Release: Design Our Ryde: Rising Ryde Architecture as a Living System Conceived as a hill-shaped building covered in local vegetation embracing the local communities and context, Architensions imagines a building as a complex system of social connections and interactions with nature to generate an ecological system that prioritizes people. The…
Architensions - Blurring Boxes Residence

Architensions Completes Blurring Boxes Residence

FOR IMEADIATE RELEASE: Architensions completes Blurring Boxes Residence in Brooklyn where new expanded functions plays with the perception of the outdoor space , blurring the view of the users.  The evolution of living in our cities more and more tries to embrace nature, almost negating the urban character of neighborhoods. The…
Architensions - Rising Ryde

Architensions is among four shortlisted offices to design the Civic Center for the City of Ryde in Australia

For Immediate Release: Architensions proposal for the Civic Center of the City of Ryde in Australia is selected for the second phase of the international competition among 175 entries from forty-nine countries. The design for the Ryde Hub Precinct embraces the local context enhancing the raised topography of the site and the…

Highlighted Entry – Common Tectonics

For Immediate Release: Architensions Proposal For A Building That Opens Towards The City Fabric Has Been Highlighted By A Jury Among 235 Proposal From 47 Countries. Architecture must relate to urbanism. Under this premises the design for the new Aarhus School of Architecture wants to establish a relationship between the…
One World Trade Center from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Alessandro Orsini featured in Artribune on the status of architecture in New York

Here is How the New York Skyline is Changing In a sense you could say that New York is its skyline. Or rather, the skyline tells perhaps better than any other key to understanding the evolution—and involution—of the city. Alessandro Orsini tells us in this article and in his book "Forma…
Spatial Porosity Building Extension

Extension Between the Alvar Aalto Museum & The Central Museum of Finland

For Immediate Release: Architensions proposes a Spatial Porosity building, light sloped canopy that dematerializes its presence—merging the front landscape with the back courtyard and topography.spatial porosity extension The design for the extension aims to merge the edged angled geometries of the existing Alvar Aalto Museum and the Museum of Central Finland…
FORMA URBANA - dutch angle

Architensions Releases Their First Comprehensive Book on Their Urban & Architecture Investigations: FORMA URBANA

The volume published by Libria Editore in their “by” series and titled “Forma Urbana” in Latin “City Shape”, is the result of the architectural investigations conducted by Architensions since 2004. Their holistic approach to architecture and urban design takes into account the architectural object at every scale projecting long time…

Architensions Completes a Writing Pavilion

For Immediate Release: Writing and drawing are activities that contribute to the creation of a parallel imaginative world and to producing infinite options whenever a condition of isolation or immersive solitude is needed. The small space is located in the lush and protected garden of a creative couple involved in…
A Light Through Architecture

Review of Paola Iacucci’s, A Light Through Architecture

Read Alessandro Orsini's review of Paola Iacucci's - A Light Through Architecture / Luce Attraverso una Architettura 1992–2012 on The Book List

Van Alen Institute – Escape Route: New Itineraries

Alessandro Orsini, Architensions founding principal has been invited by the Van Alen Institute to present the most recent urban research of the office focused on escapes routes within and outside the city. From the press release: Sometimes the bustle and excitement of the city is best appreciated from a distance.…
2014-08-15 13.46.37

Blurring Boxes Breaks Ground

Our project in landmark Greenpoint district of Brooklyn broke  ground and is officially under construction. Foundations excavation started in August. Check our Instagram for  Blurring Boxes construction updates.