Architensions – ATE is an architectural design studio operating as an agency of research led by Alessandro Orsini and Nick Roseboro based in New York and Rome.
Architensions research focuses on social behaviors and architecture, both in continuous dialogue with the context and aiming at creating new experiential scenarios. The studio does not produce pretty images but aims at defining fields of action for the built environment. The work aspires to create the development of a thought within the discipline, believing that whether a project is built or unbuilt, it holds the same value.
We aim at reconnecting urbanism and architecture through the design of spaces capable of establishing a narrative within our cities opposing the tendency of the paradigm of architecture as a financial tool. The studio is a collective of professionals from different disciplines and backgrounds. Our work and research have been exhibited internationally at the “Casa dell’Architettura” in Rome, at the Van Alen Institute, The Storefront for Art and Architecture, the Center for Architecture and the Java Project Gallery in New York. In 2015 Libria published the volume “Forma Urbana” a focus on the office research of the past six years.

New York:
40 Park Street Suite 005
Brooklyn, New York 11206
+1 917 438 6831

Via delle Aleutine 106 B16
00121 Rome, Italy

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Architensions - ATE:
Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro, Giorgia Gerardi, Anna Laura Pinto, Gerald Rubia, Alessandro Mangione

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