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Architensions completes DIKHROOS: A Public Space Activator for The Java Project and presented at Greenpoint Open Studios 2017

Architensions reimagined the tent typology for Greenpoint Open Studios 2017 hosted by Java Studios, studying a simple assembly of bamboo poles to maintain the idea of an easy and fast aggregation of elements and at the same time rethinking the protective layer of the tent which needs to provide shelter from the rain and the sun. Check back soon for the full release of the project. See some images at this link.

Architensions - Blurring Boxes Residence

Architensions Completes Blurring Boxes Residence


Architensions completes Blurring Boxes Residence in Brooklyn where new expanded functions plays with the perception of the outdoor space , blurring the view of the users.  The evolution of living in our cities more and more tries to embrace nature, almost negating the urban character of neighborhoods. The design for a renovation and additions to a townhouse in Brooklyn is generated from the idea of fusing the interior space with the outdoor landscape through the creation of ground-up pavilions with specific experiential qualities.

Read More about the project here.

Blurring Boxes Residence