• PROGRAM:¬†Residential
  • CLIENT: Withheld
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT:¬†Alessandro Orsini
  • TEAM:¬†Hanjae Cho
  • CONSULTANTS: Annette Goderbauer

The idea of combining two New York apartments forming a new spatial experience for an art collector comes from the re-interpretation of a very thin surface that unfolds through the space becoming the main element of the connection between the two spaces.The play in tectonics eventually makes the surface, a suspended thick wall, floating on the red stained floor, transforming into a massive transitional element between the living room and the private areas of the apartment. The contradiction of a massive element being suspended above the floor is enhanced with a strip of LED placed horizontally in the gap between the floor and the wall itself. The thick wooden wall incorporates storage space and a series of double-sided glowing fields that when lit spatially connect the living space with the master bedroom.

The sensibility for the materiality is echoed in every detailed element found in the space. The stained wooden floor juxtaposed to the light grey cabinetry, the glass surface of the bathrooms and the shininess of the custom made chrome furniture all designed following the idea of anti-gravity, the idea of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity. The color palette, inspired by Jasper Jones Gray paintings, is a neutral background for the family art collection displayed on the walls.