• PROGRAM: Residential
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • TEAM:Giulio Giannini, David Lee, Ronald Dapsis
  • CONSULTANTS: Damiano Dragone (Financial Modeling)

Re-establishing a Central Urbanity: A Human Agreement: In the United States, government-assisted affordable was first proposed in the first half of the 20th century to address concerns about the growth of slums in the nation’s cities, where overcrowding and deterioration of properties were occuring. During the Great Depression, in the 1930s, the condition of the cities worsened. More and more families had to resort to living in makeshift shelters located in slums. The implication of urban planning related with the social housing developments at the beginning of the last century produced a big impact on the urban fabric and social development. The population of New York City housing projects is mostly composed of Afro-American, low-income families that little by little are forced into this type of living or are subjected to the shrinkage of the city, forcing them to move into ther surrounding, suburban areas. With their immanent shape, the housing project blocks appeared as a series of disconnected elements within the city. The monolithic shape reflects the monofunctionality of the housing projects themselves. In fact, the idea of the sewlf-sufficient block complete with amenities and activities failed before they were even actualized in one block. The original intention of different facilities as a part of the housing itself never got to be completed and not even experimented with. The idea of the city within the city remained on paper. Now we can only change and transform those megablocks to make them function as supporting element of the already layered urban fabric. Injecting public functions, reducing the density, and integrating a productive landscape will be the foundational strategies of our research. Our goal is to create a self-sufficient micro-community, where economic sustainability comes from the interaction of public and private ownership.