• PROGRAM:¬†Residential
  • CLIENT: Boffo + Michael Bastian
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro
  • TEAM: Jarrod Caranto,¬†Richard W. Off
  • CONSULTANTS: Eric Winston – SDFS (Fabrication), Herve Descottes – L’Observatoire International (Lighting Design)

Our shortlisted proposal for the BOFFO Building Fashion 2013 stems from the main image of the FW13 brochure of Michael Bastian showing a background color with accents of red-winged black birds flying. The image suggests a material color palette and a sense of movement that we achieve through the alternation of the display functions in the main space. A modular system to be manufactured off site and then installed on site with minimum effort and use of manpower has been created. The modules define two different systems which alternate in plan and section.
The Lookbook/Show module occurs when the Homasote boards are parallel to the perimeter walls of the container and will be used to feature a complete look-book outfit from the collection. The Store/Hide module occurs when the boards are perpendicular to the perimeter walls and will be used to store and hang the clothing without compromising its visibility. The design utilizes the Homasote as the main construction material, which acts as a canvas to feature the collection and will provide an accent of textures.
Homasote is an environmentally intelligent building product made of 98% recycled material, truly unique both in its manufacturing processes and its structural fiberboard construction performance. Homasote helps to sustain a healthier environment, reducing solid waste in landfills and conserving natural resources. The homasote boards will use digital CNC technology to create the sections that will define the space. The shapes of the boards are cut in a way that recall traditional store displays, but instead of showing a solid box, there will be only a trace of the cutout. The modular pieces will be secured to the perimeter of the container with a substructure of wooden cleats.