Probably every designer knows the importance of a portfolio and its roles in design practice. If you are a student of architecture or design, you can make a portfolio for one project or for an entire course, As you collect them, they ultimately become your final graduation portfolio, and can be used for job or graduate school application. As long as you don’t change your major, it follows you forever. Even if you’re not specifically in any architectural or design office, a portfolio is an absolute necessity to market the company’s works or products. Damdi’s new publication, portfolio, contains the portfolios and the stories of 107 designers from various fields. From students to designers, every one of them shows one’s unique color, not being limited to only architecture. You can get an answer to the question “How to make a portfolio?” through the works of 107 designers who try their best to be simple and yet breathtaking. The concept of this book is ‘Several men, several minds.’ The main five colors used for case and cover design is Korea’s traditional color scheme ‘O-bang-saek’, meaning ‘colors of five different directions’. It reflects the variety of the designers and their character. 107 portfolios for work & presentation. Total 1088 pages with 5 books. 280mm x 225mm, Hard Cover, All Color. English/Korean. ISBN: 978-89-9111-61-5. For more information, please visit