• PROGRAM: Offices, Meeting Rooms, Lobby
  • CLIENT: Withheld
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini with Annette Goderbauer

When a hedge fund company decided to expand their New York office taking over the full floor, we were commissioned the dynamic renovation of the office. The design strategy was to add more refined materials as a contrast to the roughness of the existing finishes. Furthermore dynamically and flexibility where the main request from the client. The idea of the floating and flexible adjustment of the stock market was the main inspiration to redesign the whole space. In addition to a new conference room a lounge area and a private office in the new space, a long continuous trading desk was added to the existing office. The entry area was redesigned, the kitchen area expanded and the entire floor of the offices redone.
As the red panel slides back and forth, the space becomes flexible and adapts to the size of meeting attendees, prioritizing either the conference room or the back office in case of simultaneous meetings.
The separation walls between private offices / conference room / lounge and the hallway were all of butt glazed acid washed glass; sliding glass doors are operated with custom stainless steel handles. The office needed a new conference room that was flexible in size, a moving cabinetry wall was designed separating it from the lounge area. A custom conference table was designed built from gun-metal gray steel providing maximum leg space through a delicate structural support relying on stainless steel tension cable.