• PROGRAM: Arts and Performance Pavilion
  • CLIENT: Figment, ENYA, SEAoNY
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Anna Perelman
  • TEAM: Ronald Dapsis

This inflatable CITY OF DREAMS PAVILLION has a zero impact plan with several advantages of green production. What we propose is a reduction of material weight, energy of material used, pollution & traffic. No heavy construction, minimal waste at the end of the summer and ability to reuse at other events. The fabric is like a sail that was wrapped around the inflated cross-sections and acts as a shading device for the entire structure. In order to reduce the cost of construction only the Theater/Lecture event area would be covered with inflated hexagons to provide shade and cover from rain to more then 100 standing or seated people. The pavillion contains, as indicated in the plan, areas of art workshops and art production