• PROGRAM: Residential
  • CLIENT: Imaestri Signature Ltd.
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Giorgia Gerardi
  • TEAM:  Richard W. Off, Jarrod Caranto
  • CONSULTANTS:  Stephen Melville – Format Engineers (Structural Engineer)

First established under Roman rule, Girona is a small but historically significant city on the northeast coast of Spain, in the semi-autonomous province of Catalonia. Birthplace of Salvador Dali and childhood home of Pablo Picasso, Catalonia has a rich and complex artistic heritage, much of which is influenced by Arabic decorative art.
Inspired by the culture and artistic heritage of the region the design for a single family house stems from the idea of combining the rhythm of the cubist period of Picasso with the more fluid shapes found in the works of Dali’ and Gaudi’.
The house is placed on a rectangular concrete plinth containing all mechanical elements and a laundry room. The first floor is suspended on a concrete fluid form ground floor holding up a more rigid volume. Clad with perforated Cor-ten steel that serves as a screen from the sun which protects the more private functions of the house. The screen is composed by a series of modular operable panels that can slide, clearly revealing the outdoor landscape. Behind the mesh, floor to ceiling sliding glass door panels allow the house to use passive cooling, generating cross ventilation during the summer season.
The concrete curvilinear shapes derive from the rugged topography and natural ecology of the Mediterranean coast and also refer to the structural geometry of catenary arches that Antoni Gaudi, one of the greatest architects from the region, used to pay homage to Gothic architecture of Catalonia. The structural loads are evenly distributed on the first floor with a series of back-up elements placed behind the window mullions, spaced every two meters. At the ground floor concrete portal frame and sculpted concrete compressions elements will be placed around the large openings to support the cantilevers of the volume above.