• PROGRAM: Boat House, Gym, Public Park
  • CLIENT: AIA New York Chapter
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Manuela Priori
  • TEAM: Alessandro Mangione, Carmela Coviello,

Stripescape: The design approach focuses the nature as primary element of the project. The study of the site evidences three tensions: the water flows, the ground directions and the air movement in the space, public and private, inside and outside. From the water a stripe generates the boats storage, almost as a wave that wants to protect the objects that belong to the sea. The stripe winds on itself, turns around, change direction, put in tension the surrounding landscape with a plan in a simple geometry, broken only by the transversal lines of the stripes that change direction. In elevation the stripes become part of the surrounding landscape. It’s from the geometry that comes a new idea of public space outside and private space inside, with no spatial discontinuity. It’s the air that suggested closing sideways the volumes with a dichroic membrane on glass that permits to the material to change color to touch and to the wind always present in the small inlet. The building does not want to impose its presence on the site, but wants to be a filter from the neigh borough and the water. The different direction of the stripes and the different formation of the volumes, create squares with different level of privacy, external spaces available to the visitors and to the enrolled at the sporting centre, where it’s possible to make gym in preparation for the boating lessons in open air. Walking trough the district, it will be possible to note a new built landscape, and soon the sinuous shapes of the stripes invites us to visit the complex unaware walking inside it. Program: We expand the program to permit to all the people in the neighborhood to practice this nautical sport. Furthermore the restaurant-cafe available to everybody is expected a 100 seats projection room for the boating and kayak school. There is also a common-room for the community as a meeting place to know the activity of the club and of the district. The boat storage is located in the biggest wave, big enough to contain 100 kayak, arranged one on the other. The closing is made by a metallic web against the direct light, but permit to stream to the air to dry the boat. At the underground level there is the gear storage, with the equipment for the sporting school. There is also a gym, a spa and an office for the medical staff supporting the sport activities. The boat construction wood shop has been divided in two areas: one at an underground level, to repair the boat, and another one in a volume next to boat storage, to build new boat and for the exhibition.