• PROGRAM: Residential
  • CLIENT: MoMa PS1
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro with Francesco Bartolozzi

The concept for the Rockaway Call for Ideas stems from a dynamic vision of the world and of the urban expansion of our contemporary cities that lead us to a non‐linear geometrical interpretation of the physical nature.
Dynamic is the subject that deals with change, with systems that evolve in time. Whether the system in question settles down to equilibrium, keeps repeating in cycles, or does something more complicated, it is dynamics we use to analyze the behavior, including the raising water levels of our costal cities like New York.
It is difficult to give an immediate solution for the area, but it is something that should be capable to evolve in time and different conditions. Our proposal consists in a series of modular quays with the taller tip at 20 feet that can aggregate overtime and functioning as a filter and barrier for the water in case of a natural disaster. Also the quays will be used for urban agriculture, for sustainable energy production with solar collector and wind turbine and for outdoor activities making the aggregation a privileged access to the water.