• PROGRAM: Installation, Working Area, Sleeping
  • CLIENT: Withheld
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Anna Perelman
  • CONSULTANTS: Helen Chui (Fabrication)

The design approach for the Planar Cube is a Matta-clarkian inspired operation of cutting a metal studs and sheet rock wall and recycling the cut out material to build an inhabitable sculpture-cube that reacts to light and shadows, positive and negative space. The Cubitus is a multi-directional sculpted room. It has several functions some of which are guest room loft, study or reading room, storage, and lighting, resulting with a multi-use of each face interior and exterior elevations. The basic module used is 12 by 12 inches. Whether it is split in half or doubled it allows for opportunities of hidden storage or displayed storage. The guest room almost behaves as an interactive object inside the loft apartment. Every component can be manipulated and used in many different ways by the users. This room requires merely a wall with a protrusion for its installation. The under surfaces of each face can be an opportunity for a light panel. The view to the bedroom, in the above right installation, is closed off for privacy, whereas, the living room side is porous and is semi private. It floats as an object in space not quite touching the ceiling and raised floor from the existing floor.