• PROGRAM: Traveling art gallery
  • CLIENT: Withheld 
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • TEAM: David Lee, Shawn Conte, Alsira Raxhimi
  • CONSULTANTS: Buro Happold, Will Laufs (Structural), Erik Verboon (Facade)

POP-UP Gallery is a traveling art pavilion that aims to be an event catalyst in every city where it will be placed. The pavilion will be integrated in every city urban fabric for a limited time and then will travel again. It aims to raise awareness on the new possibilities of mobility and new synergy between culture, art, and public spaces. It will host exhibitions of emerging artist and more established ones giving the possibility for the young artist to be more visible. The design aims to move forward from the typical idea of white box gallery to create a more welcoming environment. The volume is a result of the Boolean union of different ellipses and morphed into a unique space where the only openings are the entries and the skylight that allows natural light to filter inside. Charged with the task of creating and object rapidly deployable and transportable we decided to use EPS foam. The foam is 90% air by vol­ume, mean­ing it is inher­ently vol­u­met­ric, inex­pen­sive, and light­weight. In addition to these qual­i­ties, EPS foam con­tains no CFC’s and is 100% recyclable/reusable. Foam is so also extremely lightweight, meaning few peo­ple can han­dle large assem­blies.