• PROGRAM:  Temporary hotel room
  • CLIENT:  Living Architecture and Artangel
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Ronald Dapsis
  • TEAM: Chang Soon Park,
  • CONSULTANTS: Caroline Stassen,BDP London, Enviromental Engineering; Fabrizio Filippi, Acoustics
    L’Observatoire International, Lighting design

CONCEPT: The concept for the London room is based on views, natural lights, sustainability and transportability.
The shape derives from the rotation of the typical house shape to catch the view of the Big Ben. The perforations on the north façade are related to the views of the different places of interests across the river and the south façade is related to sixteen sun angles to allow natural light to enter the room in every season. The room is composed by sections of EPS foam put together by a sequence of wooden structures. The foam is inherently volumetric, inexpensive, and lightweight. EPS foam contains no CFC’s and is 100% recyclable/reusable. EPS foam is also extremely lightweight and few people can handle large assemblies. These characteristics of the material help to respond to the competition brief’s requirements for a structure that can be rapidly assembled and easily transported. The fabrication methodology (robotic hotwire) produces no kerfs waste and the minimal waste produced in starting and stopping a stock block produce 100% recyclable material.