• PROGRAM:  Elevated Public Park, Art Galleries, FHL Headquarter, Commercial
  • CLIENT: Friends of the High Line
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Manuela Priori
  • TEAM: Alessandro Mangione, Damiano Dragone, Sandro Dragone (models)

Linescape: The project considers the high Line as a suspended green path, an elevated park, where it could be possible to enjoy the unique situation of walking, running, relaxing on a level above the city. The surface is cut which make the natural light go below the high line, such the high line can be enjoyed both above and below. On the street level temporary markets of different sorts, from book to food, are located. On the level above the cuts are covered with a tubular and steel greed frame with anatomic profiles to give the possibility to use them as seating. Other cuts are only signs on the surface where some trees are planted to create shady places and flowers following the gradation of colors of the different seasons. It will be taken in consideration the protection of the spontaneous floral species growing up on the high line, preserving the present ground and using that to plant flower-beds and new arboreal essences. The botanical commission of the high Line will take care of the park helped by flowers shops created along the path. Line Tensions: this extraordinary surface that flies on the city is thought to give new tension to the territory. Some small pavilions are created to inject new functions in the city fabric. The pavilions are thought as sponges which absorb the visitors of the path, who are pulled in going up, walking, and tensioning the high line. The pavilions especially are new protected access points, with stairs and elevators which permit to everybody to go up to the level of the park, and they have an area with facilities for the visitors of the park and for the people which go jogging on the suspended path. The project finishes with a complex of towers, the extension of the Javits Convention Center, with offices, housings, theater and a platform on the roof of the skyscrapers, at 150 meters from the street that is a big public plaza.