• PROGRAM: Residential
  • CLIENT: BOOM Communities LLC
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Ronald Dapsis
  • TEAM: Alsira Raxhimi, Zeinab Shirani, Alessandro Mangione
  • CONSULTANTS: HWKN , Masterplan

A Bold Vision” — The Los Angeles Times

A master-planned community, pedestrian-oriented, culture-driven, designed to inspire residents to better themselves and others, BOOM radically alters how we think about home, community and wellness. One of the most innovative communities in Europe, BOOM Costa del Sol offers residents an opportunity to develop their lives beyond the age of 40. BOOM Costa del Sol features high-design health, sport and entertainment facilities, 75 homes, 35 lofts, and 40 apartments. The underlying design concept is an aggregation of 10 x 10 meter cubes. This approach allows every architect to be express their houses quite differently, while keeping the scale the same. Thus, the overall community displays a consistency and density similar to the older coastal towns nearby.

The house doesn’t impose itself on the hill, but gently reveals its presence during the day with reflections and at night with the artificial light filtering through the perforations. The interior space comes alive during the day through the natural light filtering from the water skylights projecting the reverberation of the water inside the house. The house is conceived as an open and fluid floor plan to maximize the use of the square footage of the site. The outside skin is composed of concrete panels with custom perforation in correspondence of the window openings creating a perfect shading device that will allow the light to filter but at the same time protection from the sun.