• PROGRAM: Mix-use, Hotel, Offices, Residential, Public gardens
  • CLIENT: Whitheld
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Manuela Priori
  • TEAM: Ronald Dapsis, Alessandro Mangione

The design approach is the observation of the landscape as a random network of pure trajectories, generated by people and their social behaviors, whose occasional collisions suggest a possible topography. Each collision is an event or tension related to the everyday life. The tensions become the subject of the urban planning. A new concept for a skyscraper has to include a new urban vision that comes from the study of the tensions generated by the building itself but also found in the site as a “genius loci” element; the simultaneity of the interaction of the tower with the city block and the entire urban environment led to a new concept for a curtain wall which is not only structural but also a live element that speaks with the city.
The aim of the urban configuration of these towers is to create a porous city block. The building in fact takes the internal portion of the city block and leaves the rest as plaza and garden.
To reach this goal we decided to reverse the idea of the classic skyscraper with a lobby at the ground floor. We also translated green areas at different levels to be used as public parks. The curtain wall is composed of two translucent glass layers that ‘pixelate’ the transmitted shadow from behind. The orientation of the glass within the outer face sheets results in a pixilation of anything projected through the panel.