• Program: Temporary Pavilion
  • CLIENT: Figment NY
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro
  • TEAM: Jarrod Caranto, Richard W. Off
  • CONSULTANTS: Eric Winston – SDFS (Fabrication)

Our project for Figment city of dream pavilion 2013/14 takes inspiration from natural materials and simple assembly and transportation. We have found pallets, a flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted, being environmentally and socially conscious. They are made out of wood and they can be recycled back into the transportation industry after the pavilion will be dismantled. In plan the shape of the pavilion is a rectangle that define a porous boundary between the performance/exhibition areas and the grass field with the entrances pivoting around two existing trees. The pallets stack revolving around a central point which make the stacking in a shape of a whirl and defines a special wall. The Whirlwind Wall doesn’t separate anything, but helps to connect and frame the different events at figment. The unconventional stacking allows for an emerging, transparent wall allowing wind, sound, and light to penetrate from both within and outside the pavilion, creating unique visual and spatial possibilities. From one perspective, it can look like a chaotic wooden fortress and from another, a series of interconnected spinal columns. The Whirlwind Wall can allow plants to grow within it and it’s meant to be laid, sat, and leaned on. While New York City stacks bricks, the City of Dreams stacks pallets.  The same pallets made to import and export material goods, has become the building blocks to import and export ideas, creativity and experiences.