• PROGRAM: Residential
  • CLIENT: Withheld
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Ronald Dapsis
  • TEAM: Alsira Raxhimi, Cliff Chan, Alessandro Mangione, Manuela Priori
  • CONSULTANTS: Eternit (Schweiz) AG (facade cladding)

Folding roof House concept stems from an idea of joining two pre-existing volumes with a simple surface element. We have chosen the roof as the most important unifying element. The roof surface geometrically evolves to wrap the entire house into one single element. The composition results having a clear rhythm of solid and empty. The solidity of the volumes and the gap of the space in between that generate the entrance space with its skylight. Modular fiber-concrete panels in a warm yellowish color compose the skin material. The fixings for the pan- els are invisible from the front, lending the façade a strikingly elegant appearance. The high-quality application allows the natural character of the fiber cement panels to shine through particularly well. The seam is treated with a perpendicular con- crete panel that makes a small shadow on the façade highlighting the rhythm of the composition. Large squared or rectangular openings are created for the windows in order to bring inside the house the landscape surrounding the house.