• PROGRAM: Writing Pavilion
  • CLIENT: Withheld
  • DESIGN ARCHITECTS: Alessandro Orsini & Nick Roseboro
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Rigo Gonzalez
  • TEAM:  Richard W. Off, Jianwei Li
  • CONTRACTOR: A-G Home Improvements
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Cameron Blaylock
  • SIZE: 6.31 m2 / 68 sf

Writing and drawing are activities that contribute to the creation of a parallel imaginative world and to producing infinite options whenever a condition of isolation or immersive solitude is needed. The small space is located in the lush and protected garden of a creative couple involved in the arts.

Nested on a concrete plinth, the pavilion employs the use of black stained cedar for the exterior cladding and natural pine plywood for the interior. The pavilion’s sectional shape acts as a device to bring natural light inside, and induces optimal conditions for the human eye. The room is minimally furnished with a chair and a folding writing table; the warm interior wood becomes the unifying element between interior and exterior. The roof is conceived as a large sloped light well porous towards the trees and the sky; one elevation is dominated by a large opening looking out toward the garden. The specific phenomenological conditions of this retreat space make ideas come to life through a synthesis of material and spatial imagination.