2023 09 27 Alessandro Orsini organizes Columbia GSAPP symposium – Rethinking Practice: Climate, Equity, Labor

Rethinking Practice: Climate, Equity, Labor aims to promote a dialogue around radical practicing to address the discipline’s exclusionary dynamics to prompt models that allow architects to reclaim agency over the design processes, ethics, and the condition of labor under which architecture operates. The symposium asks how to redefine and reshape the practice as an alternative to corporate structures and their refusal of ethics to re-engage architecture with its core values of politics in a collective effort to tackle climate change, race, and gender, among others. The symposium centers around conversations that interpret, reflect, and analyze spatial practice to reassemble it into alternative modes that form new kinship among the workers, the architects, the clients, and the environment. These alternative practices reframe how to approach information gathering and explorations of aesthetics, geometries, and materials in a task to undo the biases of the discipline. Furthermore, the symposium reinforces the strong relationship between the academic space and the space of the practice, a connection that is part of the ecosystem of ideas, speculations, and practice at GSAPP.

This conference is free and open to the public.