2023 08 30 Architensions leads a community workshop part of “Collective Visions” festival in Calabria, Italy

Architensions organized and curated architecture workshops as part of the laboratory of urban regeneration of Collective Visions Festival through art, architecture and culture with the active participation of the diverse communities of San Ferdinando. The festival consisted of two artist residencies, three workshop, a summer public event on the beach in the final three days, and a publication. The workshops took their form from the collaboration between the nonprofit organization Disìo and Architensions, and were led by Alessandro Orsini and Nick Roseboro which are also responsible for the design of the new urban vision. Participants included MAIO Architects from Barcelona, MOS Architects from New York and Ochoa Urban Collective, from Washington D.C.

Read more here: https://www.italiachecambia.org/2023/08/san-ferdinando-architettura-bene/