2021 09 08 Architensions selected to design large scale installation for Coachella 2022

Taking inspiration from the sensory experience of the train tracks below, specifically the tactile qualities of burlap juxtaposed with the rusted patina of steel, the design explores touch as both the counterpart of visual experience, and as a way to enhance perception.

At Aesop World Trade Center, these same humble materials are transformed into the serene backdrop for the product display system. The shelving is covered in burlap, and a continuous wooden surface marked horizontally by sinuous strips of Cor-Ten steel has been designed to wrap the space and alter its perceptibility.

The softness of the leather floor and burlap fabric also function as sound-absorbing devices, enveloping the visitor in an intimate, sensory environment.

The space, tall in section and narrower in plan, redefines the in-store experience through a fluid sectional topography that vanishes towards the ceiling, honoring the curvaceous façade of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Johnson Wax headquarters.