1132 campo di fossoli

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The design approach for the new visitor center of Campo di Fossoli revolves around an urban layout with a central plan composed of a plaza, between barrack 12 and 14, that acts as a unifying element between the functions distributed in the existing buildings and in the addition of a pavilion that frames the plaza on the east side. The plaza will also act as a fulcrum for the reception of school groups and as a starting point for guided tours. The project’s architectural language takes inspiration from the vernacular architecture of the place, renewing it with materials that create a dialogue with the existing. The preservation and restoration of barrack 12 are fundamental to maintaining the original structure of a place whose historical memory must be remembered for generations to come to warn of the importance of democracy and respect for all races, religions, and political beliefs.

The reuse strategy consists of inserting a concrete volume inside the perimeter of barrack 12, which hosts the functions of information and reception of visitors. A courtyard divides the building, creating an access passage to the square overlooked by shack 14 and the new annexed volume. The courtyard, partially covered by the new roof, distributes ticketing, information, and book storage in the west, while in the area to the east, the bathroom services for visitors. These architectures aim to enhance the historical heritage of the Campo di Fossoli using a language that is inspired by tradition, innovating it with a careful narrative of contemporary architecture made of eloquent material articulations.

Location: Carpi, Italy
Area: 8750 sqf / 812 sqm
Client: Comune di Carpi
Status:Competition, 2020
Team: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro