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Fifth Dimensional Cities is Architensions’ first solo exhibition of its current and theoretical
work. The title is taken from the introduction of their first book “Forma Urbana” recently
published in Europe by Libria and presented in the US in occasion of this exhibition.
The studio presents five architectural models and “urban drawings” illustrating five projects
located in different cities around the world. These drawings aim to capture the energy and
specificities of each site and become a lens for observation and signature of the studio.
Architensions refuses to separate architecture from urbanism, an opposing today’s tendency
to design deliberately iconic one-off buildings, and propose a paradigm antithetical modern
capitalism, giving back to architecture its autonomous form.
This exhibition was made possible in collaboration with The Java Project in Brooklyn, a
gallery which advocates for artists, curates exhibitions and fosters an educational discourse
in the arts and it is curated by Dakota Sica.

Location: The Java Project, Brooklyn, New York
Design Team: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro, Jianwei Li
Curator: Dakota Sica
Photography: Aaron Thompson