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The volume published by Libria Editore in their “by” series and titled “Forma Urbana” in Latin “City Shape”, is the result of the architectural investigations conducted by Architensions since 2004. Their holistic approach to architecture and urban design takes into account the architectural object at every scale projecting long time effects into the design. The projects presented in the book range from small scale to urban interventions and focus on the human experience aspects of urbanism and speed. Forma Urbana proposes buildings that work as living organisms in their own specific context. The book is divided in three sections: Collapse, Acceleration, Simultaneity and are complemented with essays by international architects and critics such as Luca Galofaro, Giancarlo Mazzanti and Yehuda E. Safran.

Publisher: Libria Editrice 2015
Introduction: Alessandro Orsini
Design: Nick Roseboro
Editorial Team: Nick Roseboro & Richard W. Off
Afterwords: Luca Galofaro, Giancarlo Mazzanti and Yehuda E. Safran
Photography: Elizabeth Leitzell