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H01 is a house for two guests with a cooperative kitchen and a communal dining table. This house is located in the American countryside, and while the organization focuses on the needs of the two residents, neighbors can also cook and dine in the house. The single-family house is thus transformed into a center that supports collective living in the post-capitalistic society.

H02 is a cooperative house opened to a communal courtyard with a tree. The two guests share most of the functions, and teach the community about nature, congregating around a central tree. The house has interlocking spaces that allow the guests to interact without being in the same space. Members of the cooperative come to share their surplus and learn about community living.

H03 is a cooperative house for five, with four private sleeping quarters and communal spaces for dining, studying, and working. This house is part of a system that aims to transform the American suburb from private single-family houses to collective living to form self-sufficient communities.

H04 is a cooperative house for six individuals. The house is formed with reclaimed walls from an abandoned building and is re-organized around a tectonic grid. A central space accommodates a communal library established with books donated by people. The guests help arrange the books transforming it into a meeting place for the rural community.

H05 is a house for ten artists. The house is organized within a rigid grid that distributes spaces with communal functions and performance and art production areas. Guests have their private rooms inside two-story volumes set apart from the communal spaces to guarantee their privacy.

H06 is a cooperative house for ten inter-generational occupants. The house is organized within a central volume that contains private functions with limited privacy. Guests are sharing most of the space in the central private quarter. A grid is present on both sides to organize vertical and horizontal circulation while also accommodating communal spaces for writers.

H07 is a house with four towers for seven musicians. Private spaces are located in the towers that offer practicing and sleeping quarters, while a grid presents future expansion possibilities. These spaces open to a communal outdoor plaza where the community can exchange goods and services, forming a cooperative market economy.

Client: One House per Day
Team: Alessandro Orsini & Nick Roseboro