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The urban strategy of the new Sassa School Complex consists of a plaza that acts as a unifying element between the functions and at the same time as a separating space for the sensitive areas of the kindergarten. Thus conceived, the plaza becomes an inhabited area throughout the school year. At the same time, the fulcrum for the community takes advantage of its spaces even in periods not directly dedicated to the didactic activities. The site’s perimeter is defined by the volumes of the three schools of different degrees that, in the overview, delimit the central plaza hugging it with their semicircular forms. To the north, the primary and secondary schools are gathered under one surface and distributed on two levels according to the pedagogical program. Specifically, the ground floor has a porous character and opens up to the community by hosting collective functions that overlook the plaza.

The internal circulation consists of areas for informal learning that open on green courtyards, encouraging the meeting and sharing among students and between teachers, guests, and ordinary citizens. The classes used for teaching have a direct relationship with the surrounding green. The nursery school is located on the south side of the perimeter participating in the spatial and architectural narrative of the volume, although separating the pedagogical unit that requires a specific training strategy. Younger children will enjoy rooms illuminated by natural light through an inner courtyard and skylights located on the roof and a space dedicated to playing and physical activities specially designed for them.

Location: L'Aquila, Italy
Area: 24,0830 sqf / 22,370 sqm
Client: Comune dell'Aquila
Design Team: Alessandro Orsini, Nick Roseboro, Giorgia Gerardi, Anna Laura Pinto, Simone Catania
Environmental Engineering: Transsolar KilmaEnginneering
Structures: Format Engineers
Status: Competition, 2017