CITYVISION is a permanent lab that aims to develop a concept of architecture that is truly contemporary, so the modern city and its future image interact to update the skyline of our cities. The initiative makes use of a task force of experts active in monitoring the state of architecture and design in our city. Exceptionally innovative contemporary works of art will be proposed either at the popular level for public opinion or at a technical level aimed at those responsible for the work. Forums, editorial initiatives, multimedia models, ideas competitions and workshops will be the instruments used to single out, discuss and communicate the projection of the avant-garde of the twenty first century. This will inspire the realization of quality works for aesthetics and technology, architectonic language, theory and function.
Through luck and coincidences, Alessandro Orsini is transplanted into New York City at the offices of Steven Holl. Steven saw in Alessandro the potential to channel a European point of view and to break away from the concept of the pure American city Now what does it mean to be an Italian architect in New York? Alessandro tells us of a strange phenomenon. italians in New York are actually very competitive with one another. Alessandro however doesn’t play into the rivalry. He states that he has learned a great many things in his time, and feels it is only right to share knowledge. Being a New Yorker he has seen the city change. He believes that the urban development that New York goes through is like a cycle; something not yet seen in Rome. In this respect, architecture and New York are to Alessandro like a huge intersection of culture, intellectualiism, respect for public space, and a support system for research, all simultaneously evolving as one.
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