• PROGRAM: Park and turist facilities
  • CLIENT: Provincia di Belluno
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Ronald Dapsis
  • TEAM: Cliff Chan

The conceptual idea behind the project for the re-qualification of the Piave springs in the Italian Dolomites is based on a new narrative path that will guide the visitor through an educational experience for the a better comprehension of the area.

The tectonic approach is to anchor the project to the local building shapes and material tradition, referring to the typical vernacular construction of the mountain barn. We used a typical section of the barn as a generative form to redefine the program throughout the entire park, form the access door to the small structure placed in the landscape as a refuge to the new main reception structure for the tourists.

For our sustainable approach we choose to use the local recycled wood, durable and easy to maintain. We used different strategies for the different parts of the project. The new landscape paths are re-configured to guide the visitor to specific points of naturalistic interest and is scattered with small wooden “follies” where you can rest, eat and look at a specific part of the landscape.