• PROGRAM: Temporary outdoor art gallery
  • CLIENT: Art Alliance Austin
  • PARTNER IN CHARGE: Alessandro Orsini
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Ronald Dapsis
  • TEAM: Anna Perelman

The proposal for the temporary outdoor gallery space for 2010 is a sustainable bamboo structure that is easy to built, install, transport, disassemble and re assemble. While the main structure consists of bamboo poles in different sizes, perforated sheets of plywood shade the artwork from direct daylight. These sheets also assist in hanging both flat and in relief artwork as well as installations. In plan main paths divided by the bamboo allow for free standing sculptures to be displayed. Bamboo is an easy to grow material with amazing tensile strength that is used for scaffolding in Asia instead of steel tubes which are heavier and pricier. The bamboo scaffold props up and holds the panels in place. Other connections just between the green and beige bamboo spatially lock this scaffold in place. The impression is that of an entropic bamboo forest. The viewing of artwork becomes more intimate with narrow paths and the filtered sunlight adds to the perception of being inside the works of art. Stepping away from the typical gallery box we allow some of the bamboos to continue their trajectory, as a result the space around is simply more engaged. Our proposal is the required module of 10′ by 20′ by 12′ which can be repeated and multiplied in many different orientations. The multiple con- figurations, two of which we have explored, can be a response to the type of artwork that is shown. Consequently, the passage and the experience can be further related to the idea of an “open air art fair experience” in a sustainable way.