Architensions is an innovative architecture and urban design office operating globally from our New York office. The firm is dedicated to exploring the relationship between architecture and the social developments of contemporary cities through new ways of integrating and organizing ideas with the programmatic and functional essence of a building within the urban fabric. The firm design approach is a collaborative effort between all the people in our office without hierarchy. The design progresses through a series of pin-ups where multidisciplinary professionals contribute to the projects. We also collaborate with a number of corporations and fabricators dedicating their time and expertise to the projects, aiming to make new and innovative design. Regardless of budget and size the office take new works as a challenging opportunity to grow and experiment. Projects are always undertaken as a form of research. Instead of imposing a style we try to anchor the design to the place, the “genius loci” acquiring a special sensibility in integrating new projects into context with particular cultural and historic importance. This leads us to experiment with different materials, linked to the tradition and specificity of the site. Architensions emphasizes sustainable building and site development as fundamental to innovative and imaginative design, incorporating green roofs, double walls and advanced mechanical systems. The firm expertise varies from urban design, architecture, interior design and product design, with extensive international experience on residential and cultural building.

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